Audra Mack’s Killer Pleads Guilty; Sentenced in Murder-Arson

Greenville, MS—Eddie Browley of Greenville pled guilty to Second Degree Murder and First Degree Arson on Monday, November 2, 2020, District Attorney Dewayne Richardson announced today.

Shortly before 2 o’ clock in the afternoon on the first day of November in 2018, officers of the Greenville Police Department and firefighters of the Greenville Fire Department were called to Carson Street after neighbors’ noticed Audra Mack’s house ablaze. Mack was taken to Delta Regional Medical Center where ER doctors and nurses attempted to save her life. Despite their heroic efforts, she was pronounced deceased shortly thereafter. A postmortem examination of Mack revealed that she was stabbed and strangled to death.

Investigators quickly zeroed in on Browley after discovering that he was seen at Mack’s residence shortly before the fire was reported.  With the assistance of the United States Marshals Service, they tracked him to a residence in Greenville where he was found hiding. Browley was arrested and taken in for questioning. Although he initially denied any involvement, once he was confronted with the trail of evidence, Browley confessed to killing Mack and setting the house on fire.

Almost two years to the day after Audra Mack’s family lost her, her killer admitted his actions in open court. Browley pled guilty to Second Degree Murder and First Degree Arson. Following his plea, he was sentenced by the Circuit Court to the District Attorney Office’s recommendation of 40 in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections as 35 years to serve and the last 5 years on Probation.  Under Mississippi under Browley will have to serve every day of his sentence without any opportunity for early release or parole.

Assistant District Attorney Kaylon McCou represented the State and the people of Washington County in the prosecution of this case. “I am thankful for the rapid response of the Greenville Fire Department, which undoubtedly saved Audra Mack’s body from further needless mutilation and preserved crucial pieces of evidence, and the diligent and thorough investigation by the Greenville Police Department. We can only hope that this resolution brings some sense of justice and begins to close an enormously painful chapter in the life of Audra Mack’s family—especially her children,” McCou added.

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