DA’s Worthless Check Unit Collects $21,955 for Washington County

Dewayne RichardsonBreaking News, Mississippi Delta DA 4th District

Greenville, MS- District Attorney W. Dewayne Richardson announced today that the Worthless Check Unit delivered $21,955.78 to Washington County Tax Collector Patricia Lee. The almost $22,000 represents money collected from bad check writers by the DA’s Worthless Check Unit.

Lee thanked the District Attorney’s Office and the Worthless Check Unit for collecting the funds. “The Worthless Check Unit provides a valuable service to Washington County; they ensure that those who attempt to pay their taxes with bad checks are held accountable,” Lee further said.

Richardson added, “This money belongs to all the taxpayers of Washington County. The District Attorney’s Office is happy to have collected this money and returned it to the community. District Attorney’s staff member, Markeda Brown works tirelessly as the Check Unit Director attempting to collect funds for all Worthless Check victims within the Fourth District.”

Section 97-19-55 of the Mississippi Code, commonly known as the “Mississippi Bad Check Law”, authorizes District Attorney’s Offices throughout to the state to assist victims of bad check writers in recovering restitution. The Bad Check Unit is self-sustaining and is funded exclusively by service charges recovered from defendants when payment of restitution is made through our office. In its simplicity, there are no costs incurred by taxpayers. Richardson wants to emphasize that there is no Statute of Limitations on worthless checks and that the Worthless Check Unit will do everything it can to make victims whole and to ensure that money owed to them is paid to them.

Those who are owed funds from bad checks can contact the Worthless Check Unit at the District Attorney’s Office at 662-378-2105 or via email at badcheckcollector@gmail.com. More information can also be found on the website for the District Attorney’s Office at www.msdeltada.com.


Markeda Brown, Director of the DA’s Worthless Check Unit, is shown delivering the funds to Washington County Tax Collector Patricia Lee.