Dewayne RichardsonMississippi Delta DA 4th District

Indianola, MS—Derrion Eloby and Carlos Jones, of Horn Lake and Edwin Terrell Brown, of Charleston, were convicted on Friday, February 2, 2024 by a Sunflower County Jury following a four-day trial, District Attorney Dewayne Richardson announced today.

On August 11, 2012, deputies with the Sunflower County Sheriff Department were dispatched to Hunter Road in Drew, MS where they found the victim Nathan “Doodle” Williams shot by home invaders and his roommate Merio Harris, who was robbed at gun point. Deputies later responded to the hospital where the victim succumbed to his injuries.

An Autopsy was performed on Mr. Williams and it revealed he had been shot in the left shoulder and chest.  A bullet was recovered from the gunshot wound.

In June 2013, with the assistance of the Leflore County Sheriff Department, the Sunflower County Sheriff Department was able to develop suspects.  Investigators with the Leflore County Sheriff Department informed Sunflower County Sheriff that they had someone who had information about the murder of Mr. Williams.  Investigators with the Sunflower Sheriff Department met with the witness and took a statement.

After speaking with the witness the Sunflower County Sheriff Department made contact with suspect Derrion Eloby in July 2013.  Derrion Eloby agreed to give a statement to the Sunflower County Sheriff Department where he admitted to being present when the robbery and murder took place.

The investigation revealed that a witness, Edwin Terrell Brown, Derrion Eloby, and Carlos Jones traveled to Drew, MS.  Edwin Brown dropped the defendants off on a gravel road and they walked to the home of Merio Harris and Nathan Williams.  After peeking through the windows, they entered the home through the kitchen window.  Once inside the home, two suspects go to the room they previous saw victim Harris in counting money and sacking marijuana.  Witnesses testified that a gun was placed in Mr. Harris face and he was demanded to he lay down while his personal property was being taken.  After Mr. Harris was robbed a shot goes off in the home.  A witness testified that Derrion Eloby shot Mr. Nathan Williams. While the suspects are still inside the home, a vehicle pulls up at the resident.  A witness in the vehicle testified that they saw three men run out of the house, armed, and masked.

Thanks to the assistance of the Horn Lake Police Department, Sunflower County Sheriff Department was able to discover that Derrion Eloby had been pulled over in a traffic violation in Horn Lake on August 11, 2012 around 7:00 pm.  Marijuana, money, and a 9mm firearm was recovered. Investigators with the Sunflower County Sheriff Department was able to send the 9mm firearm and the projectile from Nathan Williams body to the Mississippi Forensics Lab for analysis.  The results concluded that both the firearm and projectile were of the same class characteristics.

The defendants were later charged and indicted for Capital Murder and Armed Robbery. Mississippi law deems the killing of another during the commission of Burglary of Dwelling as Capital Murder.

Assistant District Attorney Takiyah Perkins prosecuted the case. During closing arguments, she detailed step by step how this nightmare on Hunter Street went down, and how the information provided by the witnesses were consistent with evidence from the crime investigation. She further explained and stressed that there is no time limit on justice and each defendant has to be held accountable for their actions.

Following the fourth day of trial, the verdict of the jury was announced in open court after approximately less than one hour of deliberation—Edwin Terrell Brown, Derrion Eloby and Carlos Jones were convicted of Capital Murder and Armed Robbery. Capital Murder convictions carry a mandatory sentence of Life Imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

ADA Perkins was proud to have advocated on behalf of Nathan “Doodle” Williams, his family, Merio Harris, his family, and the people of Sunflower County.  “For twelve (12) years these families have waited for justice. Your home is expected to be your safe haven, your safe place, your sanctuary; this sense of security should never be taken away.  These defendants stripped Nathan Williams and Merio Harris of this.”

“In order for defendants to be held accountable and brought to justice, witnesses have to be willing to come forward and testify. We are very grateful to the witness being willing to come forward and testifying about what happen in August 2012. Without their willingness to come forward, we would have never known the truth about what happened or the identity of the perpetrators,” Perkins added.

The Office of the District Attorney extends its gratitude for the work of the Leflore County Sheriff Department, Horn Lake Police Department, Sunflower County Sheriff Department, the Forensic Pathologists at the Mississippi Medical Examiner’s Office, Mississippi Forensics Laboratory, and for the patience and cooperation of Nathan “Doodle” Williams’ family and Merio Harris. “Knowing these defendants have been held accountable cannot replace Nathan’s presence in the lives of his family and friends, but it hopefully provides some sense of justice and closure for them as they are now finally able to start healing from this senseless tragedy,” said Richardson.