Habitual Criminal Sentenced for Auto Theft and Auto Burglary Crime Spree

Dewayne RichardsonBreaking News, Mississippi Delta DA 4th District

Greenwood, MS – District Attorney W. Dewayne Richardson announced today that Shannon Norwood, 41 yoa, pled guilty to Auto Theft and Auto Burglary in Leflore County Circuit Court.

After being pursued while in the vehicle and later being chased on foot until his capture, Norwood admitted to stealing the automobile in Greenwood in May of 2019.  Earlier in April of 2019, Shannon Norwood was identified on surveillance cameras that showed him entering a vehicle on East Monroe Street in Greenwood.  Once identified Norwood was charged with Auto Burglary for this offense.

Shannon Norwood has previously lived a life of crime in Leflore County, in November of 2008 he was sentenced to four years to serve as a Habitual Offender for a Grand Larceny that occurred in Greenwood, MS.  Then in February of 2017, he was again sentenced to serve time as a Habitual Offender.  This time he was given the maximum sentence of 7 years to serve day for day for the crime of Attempted Auto Burglary.  Upon his release from prison, Norwood committed the crimes that he pled to this week.

Due to Norwood’s extensive criminal history of Auto Thefts, he was indicted as both a Habitual and Repeat Offender by the April 2022 Leflore County Grand Jury.  Since Norwood had prior convictions for Auto Theft and other crimes, Senior Circuit Court Judge Ashley Hines sentenced Norwood to 13 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections with the first 8 years to serve as a Habitual Offender, meaning he must serve each day of the 8 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. After his release from prison, Norwood must also serve 5 years on supervised probation.  Judge Hines also sentenced Norwood to 7 years for a Greenwood Auto Burglary that occurred in April of 2019.

Assistant District Attorneys Stanley Alexander and Amanda Sturniolo-Langford prosecuted Shannon Norwood.  Megan McKinnon was the lead investigator on this case and she worked diligently to bring Shannon Norwood to justice.

 Contact: W. Dewayne Richardson District Attorney, Fourth Circuit Court District | 662-378-2105