Jury Finds Pulliam Guilty of Manslaughter

Dewayne RichardsonBreaking News, Mississippi Delta DA 4th District

Greenville, MS- After three hours of deliberations, a Washington County Jury found Greenville resident, Quavares Pulliam, 25 yoa, guilty of Manslaughter for the October 20, 2016 killing of Dwight Thedford, 31 yoa, District Attorney W. Dewayne Richardson announced today.

During the trial of this case, Assistant District Attorneys Kaylon A. McCou and John Herzog, Jr., presented to the jury evidence that in the early morning hours on October 20, 2016, Pulliam shot and killed Thedford at the intersection of Union Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard. Pulliam was in his vehicle parked at the red light on Union when Thedford walked by and a verbal altercation ensued. Moments later Pulliam claimed that Thedford spit on him, which is when he drew his firearm and shot Dwight Thedford before fleeing the scene. Although this shooting occurred directly in front of Delta Regional Medical Center, Thedford was not able to survive his injury. Dwight Thedford was shot one time in the head and was pronounced dead minutes later.

Quavares Pulliam was arrested that night in Leland, MS by the Greenville Police Department, with the assistance of the Leland Police Department, after a thorough investigation. During questioning, Pulliam admitted to shooting Thedford but claimed he was acting in self-defense. Pulliam also admitted to Greenville Investigators that he discarded the clothes he wore and the gun used in the killing. Greenville Police charged Pulliam with First Degree Murder for his crime.

Late yesterday afternoon, after three hours of deliberations, a Washington County jury found Pulliam guilty of the lessor included offense of Manslaughter for killing Dwight Thedford. The trial in this case lasted two days and ADA’s McCou and Herzog presented a number of witnesses to explain the events that led to Thedford’s death.

After the jury’s verdict was read in open court, Quavares Pulliam decided to commit one more crime in Washington County. As the jury exited the courtroom, Pulliam bolted out of the door and a foot chase ensued. After approximately a 6 block pursuit, Pulliam was captured near Strange Park by multiple agencies working together. The Washington County Sheriff’s Department, the Greenville Police Department, and the District Attorney’s Office were all on scene to place Quavares Pulliam back in custody without incident. Pulliam was then taken to the Washington County Regional Correctional Facility to await sentencing.

The case was heard by Senior Circuit Court Judge Ashley Hines. Judge Hines has scheduled Pulliam to be sentenced on February 25, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. After the Manslaughter conviction, Pulliam faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Pulliam has also been charged with Felony Escape for fleeing the courtroom after his conviction.

Officers and Investigators with the Greenville Police Department handled the case with efficiency and attention to detail, which ultimately resulted in Pulliam’s conviction. The District Attorney’s Office commends the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Leland Police Department, and the Greenville Police Department for their dedication in keeping our community safe by working together to make sure that all offenders who commit crimes are held accountable.

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