Dewayne RichardsonMississippi Delta DA 4th District

Greenville, MS – District Attorney W. Dewayne Richardson announced this week that Benitez McBride was convicted of the killing of Greenville man, Austin McBride.

On Tuesday, May 30, 2023 Benitez McBride admitted his role in Austin’s death and apologized for his involvement to the victim’s family.  Benitez McBride pled guilty to Manslaughter and was sentenced to the maximum penalty of twenty (20) years for his role in the crime.  McBride’s charge stems from an incident in 2021 where McBride, along with others, went to the victim’s home under the guise of purchasing a firearm the victim had for sale.  Once inside, Benitez McBride discharged a firearm, killing the victim, Austin McBride.

The case against McBride was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney M. Austin Frye, who expressed his gratitude towards the Greenville Police Department for their quick response and effective gathering of witnesses and evidence.  Frye stated that “[t]he Greenville Police Department took a largely convoluted situation with multiple parties and witnesses involved, and quickly took the steps necessary to flesh out the true depiction of what really took place that night . . . our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family over the senseless death of their loved one.”