Murderer Gets Life plus 90 years Prison Sentence; Co-defendants sentenced to 60 years

Dewayne RichardsonBreaking News, Mississippi Delta DA 4th District

Greenwood, MS- Leflore County residents Armond Jones, Sedrick Buchanan, and James McClung were sentenced today at the Leflore County Justice Center, District Attorney W. Dewayne Richardson announced today. Armond Jones, Michael Holland, Sedrick Buchanan, and James McClung were each indicted by the Leflore County Grand Jury during the July 2016 term of court for one count of First Degree Murder and three counts of Attempted Murder.

Richardson said, “Jones, Holland, Buchanan, and McClung were found guilty of separate charges stemming from the shooting which occurred on August 15, 2015, on Highway 82 West near Itta Bena. The shooting resulted in the death of Delandis Love and the injuries of three others while they were driving west on Highway 82.”

Armond Jones was found guilty by a jury on May 18, 2017, of first degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. He was sentenced today by Judge Ashley Hines to life in prison for the first degree murder conviction and three separate terms of thirty years in prison for the attempted murder charges, each to run consecutively. Jones had a prior arrest for Aggravated Assault in Leflore County.

Sedrick Buchanan and James McClung were found not guilty of murder but were found guilty of three counts of the lesser offense of aggravated assault for which they were sentenced to the maximum of twenty years on each count, with each to run consecutively to one another. Buchanan also had a prior arrest in Leflore County for Aggravated Assault, while McClung has three other pending indictments in Leflore County at this time.

In this case, there was a fifth defendant, Jacarius Keys, who was initially charged with being a codefendant in this murder and attempted murder case. He was killed on December 28, 2016. Holland and Buchanan have been charged with First Degree Murder for killing him as well. That case is currently pending review by a Leflore County Grand Jury.

Michael Holland’s attorney was unavailable to be at the sentencing hearing. He was found guilty on May 18th of Second Degree Murder and three counts of Attempted Murder. His sentencing will be scheduled for a later date.

Pursuant to Mississippi state law, defendants sentenced for First Degree Murder and Attempted Murder must serve every day of their sentence and are not eligible for early release. This case was investigated by the Leflore County Sheriff’s Office and prosecuted by Tim Jones and Trish Rodgers; the District Attorney’s office appreciates the hard work of the investigation agency in helping to remove these violent offenders from the streets of Greenwood and Leflore County.

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